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Nissei_ASB 650 EX HD (2000)  Deal of November!

Current Status: Is under certification

Nissei ASB 650 NHII

Video of the Machine in Action

Nissei ASB 650 NHII (1997)

1 Available In House

450 day light, PLC: Siemens, Servo motor for table rotation, Low working hours, Dryer Hopper AEC, 460 Volts

Nissei ASB 650 NHII (1994)

Available for parts only.

Nissei ASB 150 DH

Low Working Hours, 460 Volts, Complete Line: chiller, dryer hopper AEC, air compressors, & molds

Nissei ASB 650 EXII H (1991)

Available for parts only.

Nissei ASB 250 (1993)

Under Certification Process: In order for a Nissei to become Certified Pre-Owned, it goes through a comprehensive certification process that includes rigorous criteria and meticulously performed procedures.

Aoki 500 SB III 500 LL 75 (1995)

Available for parts only.

Nissei 250 EX

Price: $8,000

Nissei 250 (1988)

Available for parts only.

Nissei 50

Price: $5,000

Nissei_ASB 650 EXIII (1993)

Available for parts only.

Nissei_ASB 650 EXIII (1998)

Current Status: Is under certification

Aoki 1000 300 (1989)

Available for parts only.